Friday, October 15, 2010

The start of something grand......

Well I finally did it!  It has taken a long time for me to finally cave into this.  After graduating from the University of Alabama (RTR!) with a degree in Interior Design I decided to go back and work for my father just to gain experience before putting both feet down and taking off.  During that time of working for him I have gotten married and had a beautiful baby girl.  Through it all I have had this gut feeling that I was supposed to be doing more.  I was working weddings, helping people with lighting layouts, going to teach people how to organize their clutter, space planning furniture, taking care of my family and everything in between.  I was so tired, but after each event and after watching each family move into their home I would say, "well wasn't that a success, I love what I do."  I knew I would be busy doing these very things for the rest of my life. 
Being creative was instilled within me ever since I was born.  My sisters and I had tons of Barbie stuff, playhouses, cars, grocery store, restaurant, pet clinic....the whole nine yards.  Whenever we would go upstairs to play I would spend so much time setting up everything that I never realized my sisters had gone on to play something without me and had already had lunch!  I would have to set the dishes on the table, move the furniture around in the dream house until it was all perfect.  I should have known then that I was going to be doing this. 
We have added a team member, Brianne Phillips, who is actually one of my dear friends and colleague from UA.  She too graduated with a degree in Interior Design.  She has a history of working in retail and sales along with interior design.  Her skills will be valued and we are looking forward to working your next event!

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