Saturday, January 22, 2011

January News

What a busy start to 2011!  We have had such an amazing start to this year.  Our first event was the Southern Bridal Show at the BJCC last weekend.  We had a blast setting up and networking with all the other vendors on Saturday.  There were over 940 brides that came through.  Needless to say we had a great response and are getting so excited about the upcoming weddings this year!  We still have some dates available so please do not hesitate to call or email us and schedule a consult.
Our website is finally up!  Please check it out in your spare time
We have also been taking orders for upholstered headboards as well.  The ones we have completed are at Gadsden Lighting Showroom right now.  While you are there you can see our benches and farm tables too.  I will be posting more of these items in the shopping section of the website as soon as I can. 
We want to thank everyone who helped us with the Bridal show. Steven you did an amazing job on our custom furniture pieces, Dottie thanks a million for helping me with the flowers (they were AMAZING) and thanks to everyone who helped us set up and tear everything down.  We obviously did something right since we won the Best Booth Award! 
Please continue to check in on us and refer us to your friends.  We are still doing interiors, faux painting, linens, drapes, etc.  Call us!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shopping around

Today I had the pleasure of meeting people from all across many different lines of work.  I started the day off by heading downtown to the office of Meredith Davidson who is a good college friend of mine.  She works for the Birmingham Business Alliance.  She so graciously set aside for me 10 copies of the Birmingham Magazine that our feature story ran in this month.  It has been exciting to see this business venture as it is unfolding.  I pinch myself and say "is this really happening?"  and it is!!
After leaving her office we ran around to several more stops looking at fabrics, trim, wallpaper and the list goes on.  I have to keep my contacts up to date and all of my resources so when you clip out that oh so fabulous picture of a custom  upholstered sofa in chocolate Belgium linen with damask print throw pillows and reclaimed lumber coffee table I will know where to get it from.
I get cracked up because so many people think that the life of someone in the design field is glamorous.  I always laugh about it when I have been in the refrigerator box of the wholesale florist for an hour digging out fresh greenery or out in the workshop at 1:00am with stain all over my clothes and my hands.  Well today was the worst stunt I have pulled yet.  I left wearing my tall black 3" heel boots with one of my favorite dresses and my long black coat from Anthropologie (which is one of my wardrobe favorites.)  If you follow the blog you know that we have been working on some custom furniture.  We have a couple of pieces finished, we are just waiting on a few more things to be finished up before we release everything.  We decided that we wanted to incorporate something more into the designs.  Steven loves wood, and I love the thought of recycling and we came up with the idea to take our design concepts and build them out of reclaimed lumber.  This thought of giving new life to something that would have otherwise been sent to a land field inspired us to go and check out some lumber first hand.  We go today and spend an hour just talking to the owner and walking through a huge warehouse of materials from textile mills to shipping yards from all over the country.  Needless to say walking through a dirt floor facility with those boots on wasn't the best idea.  We also met the three warehouse dogs who loved me because when I left there my favorite coat was covered with dirt from their sweet little paws.  They couldn't resist me I guess :)
If anyone has any custom furniture ideas that they would be interested in just shoot us an email or call us.  We love custom projects and are willing to do pretty much anything you can dream up!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year to you all!  To be honest we were excited to file away 2010.  We have been so busy with things for 2011 that we couldn't wait for it to get here!  We are so happy to announce our add which will be hitting shelves this week in the Birmingham Bridal Magazine.  We have a spread with photos and a story all about us! YEA!  Please be sure and pick up your copy, we will post an online version as soon as we can.

The next big thing we have been prepping for is the Birmingham Bridal Show at the BJCC.  We are so excited and honored to be a part of the industry here in Birmingham and we can not wait to show off our services to the many brides from all over the South East that will be there on January 16th.  We have a coupon that we attached for anyone interested in coming to the show.  There will be plenty to see, every "who's who" vendor will be there this year and we are looking forward to getting the chance to mingle with them all.  As my mentor Pam Richardson says, "Competition is healthy, it keeps us all grounded...besides there is more than enough business to go around."  I have encouraged several of our upcoming brides to attend the show just to give them more ideas for color palettes, fabric, tablescapes, flowers...everything! 

The next big thing for this year is our custom furniture line!  We are so excited to offer some amazing designs at very affordable prices.  We have several pieces produced that have now been moved into painting.  I am so anxious to get them back to see how they turned out.  We will have a site up soon where you can shop online. We will also offer these items for sale at Gadsden Lighting Showroom and are working on some other locations in Birmingham as well. 

We have also got our domain name so now you can simply tell your friends and family to type in and they will be taken straight here to the blog for the time being.  (We will have our website up and running soon.)

Stay tuned more updates soon!  Please continue to let your friends and family know about our services.
Thank you and Happy New Year to you all!