Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wrenn-West Wedding

Whew! This weekend was so very exciting because it was our first wedding event but very exhausting too.  The wedding went perfectly and we are so grateful that we had this opportunity.  It is amazing to talk to a bride, pick her brain and find out what she wants her special day to be like; then making it happen for her.  Her face when she sees everything makes it all worth it in the end.  I want to say a special thanks to Pam Richardson and her staff, to Jeff Phillips Electricians, Crystal Clear band, Attalla Florist, Classic Catering, Josh and Mandy Frantz of I Do Flix, Christian and Lana Bouldin of Christian Micheal Photography and most importantly my husband, Steven Wilkins (Concept Construction) without you to execute my drawings and sketches none of this would have been possible.  Thank you also to the other members of the crew and my family; my uncle Eddie and Aunt Donna, Heather James (she also might be joining the team on a few weddings, she has great vision for detail as well), my Uncle Jimmy and Uncle Mike.  I know that I am leaving people out, but I truly love you all and the day wouldn't have been as smooth without you. 

I know that it can only get better from here and I am looking forward to working many more weddings and events in the future.  If anyone has any pictures from the wedding please tag us in them.  I will have video footage and pictures soon courtesy of I Do Flix (thanks Josh and Mandy for everything you do!) I have attached a few pictures that I took but I am sure they not as good as the ones to come. It was hard to be in a wedding that you have to plan and make sure everything goes well, so I am sure that the next weddings I do will be a little easier :)

God Bless you all,

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wrenn-West Wedding

It is the week of Maegan Wrenn and Eric West wedding.  We have been working hard to ensure that every single detail of the event runs as smooth as possible.  We are so excited to get to work with David and Cathy Mashburn of Classic Catering once again.  If I had to recommend the perfect staff to work an event it would be them.  Getting to work with David is like working with an artist, his food melts in your mouth and the presentation is second to none.  He started out catering from his home and then expanded to Classic on Noble in Anniston where the everyday person can walk into the 1800's structure and dine amongst gorgeous crystal chandeliers and drink from fine crystal.  Classic On Noble has been featured in Southern Living, Historical Restaurants of the South, 100 Places to Eat Before You Die, The Anniston Star, The Birmingham News, and elsewhere. Dignitaries such as former President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter, US Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, Congressman Mike Rogers, former and present Governors, Amy Grant, members the band Alabama, and countless others have all dined at Classic.
We are honored to work this event with you and can not wait to watch you and your staff pull off another successful wedding in the South!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

80th Birthday Party

Just did the tablescapes for an 80th birthday luncheon. Here are a few pictures from the event! We can do your entire event from start to finish or we can step in where you are having trouble and finish things up for you.  We can create a package just based on your needs.  Let us help you create your next event. Enjoy....

Friday, October 15, 2010


Some people think when they hire a "wedding coordinator" that they are going to break the bank. That is so far from the truth....we actually help you stay on budget by offering you money saving tips for your event! Please feel free to contact us with questions, we would love to make your day a success!

Wrenn/West Wedding 10.30.10

Maegan Wrenn and Eric West are to be wed before the eve falls on October 30th 2010. We have been looking forward to this event for a year now. For those of you who don't know Maegan is my sister and I am so excited to be such a part of her big day. She has let us be in full control of the event and we are excited to show how well we can interpret the brides dreams and visions of what her special day will be like. Very excited to work with Benny Campbell of Attalla Florist, Diane Olexa of Olexa's Cafe in Mountain Brook she is making a gorgeous 5 tiered cake and will be at the wedding for cake cutting, also Josh and Mandy Frantz of I Do Flix, and Christian and Lana Bouldin of Atlanta Ga. on the wedding photography.
Our staff will be doing all the lighting, and design/building of the main wedding elements.
Also a huge thanks to my dear friend Pam Richardson (and her staff) who will be taking my place to execute the setup since I will be in this wedding:)
This will be a gorgeous day and I am so glad that it will be our first offical event!

Pictures by Christian Micheal Photography

The start of something grand......

Well I finally did it!  It has taken a long time for me to finally cave into this.  After graduating from the University of Alabama (RTR!) with a degree in Interior Design I decided to go back and work for my father just to gain experience before putting both feet down and taking off.  During that time of working for him I have gotten married and had a beautiful baby girl.  Through it all I have had this gut feeling that I was supposed to be doing more.  I was working weddings, helping people with lighting layouts, going to teach people how to organize their clutter, space planning furniture, taking care of my family and everything in between.  I was so tired, but after each event and after watching each family move into their home I would say, "well wasn't that a success, I love what I do."  I knew I would be busy doing these very things for the rest of my life. 
Being creative was instilled within me ever since I was born.  My sisters and I had tons of Barbie stuff, playhouses, cars, grocery store, restaurant, pet clinic....the whole nine yards.  Whenever we would go upstairs to play I would spend so much time setting up everything that I never realized my sisters had gone on to play something without me and had already had lunch!  I would have to set the dishes on the table, move the furniture around in the dream house until it was all perfect.  I should have known then that I was going to be doing this. 
We have added a team member, Brianne Phillips, who is actually one of my dear friends and colleague from UA.  She too graduated with a degree in Interior Design.  She has a history of working in retail and sales along with interior design.  Her skills will be valued and we are looking forward to working your next event!