Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Faces

Good afternoon!

What wonderful warm weather we are having in November, nothing beats sunshine!
I know that I already spoke about having some new people joining in on this adventure with me and I would like to formaly introduce one of them.  I am proud to say that Brianne Phillips will be joining us as we continue to grow and establish our company.  I know that at some point I am not going to be able to be in two places at one time and I knew that I would have to have someone that I trusted who was as crazy about details as I am to take my place when we were spread thin. In my mind Bri was the first person that I thought of!  Brianne and I crossed pathes at the University of Alabama where we both pledged the same sorority and just so happened to both major in Interior Design.

 “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

 When Brianne was in 3rd grade art class she knew the exact answer to that question and she told everyone! Brianne wanted to be an interior designer, party planner or a teacher. 24 short years later she still has the same passion for all those things along with the enthusiasm and education to achieve those aspirations today. 
Brianne graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in interior design. Thru her amazing experience at Alabama she also discovered her other talents in life; Fashion, Party planning and organizing. “Mom” has always been Brianne’s nickname, even in high school she was coordinating events from football games, school dances, birthday parties and vacation plans. Brianne’s take charge attitude and ability to delegate tasks is great attributes that were cultivated at a young age and grew exponentially thru her life experiences during and after college.  During college Brianne managed a clothing boutique which not only tripled the size of her wardrobe that was already an impressive size but also expanded her enthusiasm and love for fashion. Helping customers select a new outfit and watching their faces light up with a new found confidence  is a feeling that Brianne will never forget and something that she aspires to do daily.
 Now that college has ended the events just keep on pilling up for Brianne to help plan between friends engagement parties, weddings and baby showers there is no shortage of parties to plan. Organizing parties and anything else that needs a little help along the way has always been Brianne expertise. Her ability to see a situation and put all the pieces together to create a masterpiece is uncanny. From envisioning an outfit from nothing to amazing night out, decorating a boring room to bedroom that creates tranquility or taking a small get together to the party of the year is truly only something that is achievable thru great passion, drive and patience. 
 Brianne currently works as a Nanny, house manager, where she gets to do all the things she loves. When Mallory proposed the concept of this company she knew she could not pass up this amazing opportunity and she can’t wait for all the experiences that lie ahead.

Congrats Bri and we are so happy to have you join us!  We hope that this is something we can all enjoy doing together for many years to come!
More on "the team" to come........

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