Friday, November 5, 2010

Getting geared up...

Is it really already the weekend?  I have been so busy this week recovering from the wedding and moving on to the next event that I could hardly catch my breath.  I am getting so excited to begin this new venture!  I am working right now with a good friend on throwing a baby shower.  She didn't want the normal "everything in pink/blue" shower.  She wants to step it up and really make it special.  I was so honored that she asked us to do it for her.  It will be beautiful and I know that the mommy-to-be will cherish and remember it for a lifetime! 
Next we will jump right back into wedding mode. Looking forward to a consult with another bride and her mom.  I already have the sketch's done for the reception and I am thinking it will be oh so fab! 
I honestly hope to get more events, they are very hard work but I love to design and be able to pull off something that no one has done before.  We offer so many resources, of course like I just said my favorite part is designing and helping get the event in the direction that the client is wanting it to go and then watching it all unfold and be perfect when they walk in and see it for the first time.  I live for "the reaction."  That is honestly my favorite part of it all!  We also offer a day service where we just help you come up with the event concept and we leave you with all the ideas and you DIY!  Or we can step in where you are having trouble like with venue selection or maybe you have everything for the reception but you just don't know how to put it all together, we can help with pretty much anything!  Or maybe you want to have a smashing party for a friend but you honestly just want someone to handle it all for you, well what a shock.....we do that too!Please call/email us with any questions and continue to let your friends and family know about us.
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